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Located in the vibrant heart of historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, Piñon Court by La Fonda has been redefining hospitality for years. With a history that dates back to the 1930s, this motor court has evolved alongside Santa Fe, a city that’s transformed into a must-visit destination. In the 30s, travelers flocked here, captivated by the city’s sunny, dry climate—perfect for those seeking relief from respiratory ailments like tuberculosis. Beyond the health benefits, Santa Fe’s unique charm and stunning landscapes drew visitors, including artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, who found endless inspiration in its beauty. Amid this blossoming tourism scene, iconic spots like the Galisteo Inn (the hotel’s first name) popped up, welcoming adventurers journeying along historic Route 66. The inn thrived for decades, before pivoting to office space mid-century.
Old Santa Fe Inn


The building was transformed back into a boutique hotel and operated under the name Old Santa Fe Inn. It quickly gained a reputation for its blend of comfort and convenience.
Piñon Court by La Fonda


Old Santa Fe Inn joined the “La Fonda Family,” a group of hotel investors and operators known for iconic hospitality. With recent renovations and upgrades, the hotel revealed a new name and creative identity and Piñon Court by La Fonda debuted to guests.

Piñon Court’s name reflects the region’s rich heritage and the tradition of authenticity that defines Santa Fe. Piñon embodies the essence of the regional landscape and culture, and the piñon tree, a symbol deeply rooted in New Mexican tradition, signifies the hotel’s connection to the natural environment and the community it serves.

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